Use of financial tools and solutions to become financially fit

MyMoney is a financial fitness and wealth management solution to assist consumers with becoming aware of the information that is needed to become greater self controlled in making decisions.

What We Help With In Getting You Financially Fit

Super Funds

Record, manage and locate all your superannuation accounts. Monitor fees and performance

Credit Cards

Monitor how much you spend on credit cards including extra interest, fees and charges. take control and save that money.


Set, monitor, change, amend and monitor your financial goals and achievements. Keep on track.


Monitor your shares and brokerage accounts to ensure you are keeping track of dividends and updates.

Real Estate

Enter the value of your property, monitor sales and potential properties you wish to purchase.

Term Deposits

Keep all of your term deposits in the one place, monitor interest and amounts and financial institutions


Understand your actual spending habits before the lender or bank tells you your knocked back because your a financial risk for low savings.

AI Chat Bots

Utilise our AI Chat Bots to get more information on financial news and matters and updates on solutions.